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Sage Butte Energy Strategic Shift:
Enhancing Reporting and Invoices
Retrieval from OpenInvoice

Discover how Denver based Energy Company leveraged
armely’ s expertise in data, integration, and
development to standardize, streamline and Integrate
OpenInvoice data with Internal ERP Systems.

Sage Butte Energy is a private equity-backed start-up oil and gas Exploration and Production company based out of Denver, Colorado with current assets located in the Powder River Basin. Sage Butte Energy, like many businesses, faced complexity in handling financial data coming out of OpenInvoice thus limiting them from reporting the true authorization for expenditure (AFE) accurately. OpenInvoice is a popular platform for managing accounts payable and invoicing, however many organizations encounter challenges extracting data from the platform effectively.


  1. Incomplete Data Integration: OpenInvoice doesn’t have integration with customer’s ERP and Internal Systems.
  2. Data Fragmentation and Complexity: OpenInvoice data comprises of diverse transactions, invoices, payments, and associated metadata in both structured and unstructured form making it difficult to consolidate and standardize.
  3. Data Harmonization: OpenInvoice allows vendors and suppliers to maintain their own invoicing and billing practices, this freedom results in data inconsistency which is a challenge while reporting.
  4. Compliance and Audit Risks: Inaccurate or incomplete AFE reporting due to challenges in handling financial data from OpenInvoice posed compliance risks and audit scrutiny.
  5. Search limitations: Users faced the challenge of searching and retrieving Invoices, transactions and metadata using different search parameters.
  6. Data Duplication: Customer wanted to maintain images and documents in the OpenInvoice Platform to avoid duplication and storage cost.


To address these challenges and enhance AFE data retrieval and reporting, armely implemented the following technologies.

The roadmap included integration of various technologies and data processing capabilities.

  • Data Pipelines - SQL Server Data Warehousing
  •  Power BI - Self-hosted secure API
  • Self-hosted secure Web Application
  • Task Scheduler


Armely in conjunction with the customer designed a transformative solution by leveraging Application Programming Interface (APIs) and Data Warehousing. This innovative approach combined the strengths of modern data warehousing, APIs and modern web applications providing a comprehensive platform that allows our customer to search on any invoice field. Key features of the solution

  1. Modern Data Warehousing – Data repository environment
  2. Data Pipeline – extraction, transforming and loading data from OpenInvoice to the customer’s data warehouse.
  3. APIs – Allows the client to access real-time images of invoices and supporting documents from OpenInvoice.
  4. Modern Web Application – Allowing end users to easily search for invoices and supporting documents.
  5. Analytics and Reporting – Leverage Power BI for complete reporting solution.


We achieved the following results. -

  • Secure web application that is used internally to get Invoices, transactions, and metadata in near real-time.
  • A complete reporting solution, that shows the true expenditure at any given time.
  •  Adhoc querying to get any required decision-making data.


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